Having worked so intensely with artists and artwork from all over the world for almost three decades at Addi Galleries, Addi's foundation in the visual arts is immense. Addi founded Addi Galleries in 1978 which grew to become a successful gallery chain on the West Coast. Underneath the powerful exterior of a businessman, he quietly  assembled ideas and innovating designs for his own line of artwork. In 2002, Addi enrolled in Reno's highly regarded "Welding for Art" course at Truckee Meadows College.
About Steven Addi

There he learned to turn his vision of monumental sculpture into a reality. Later that year Addi attended world-famous Pilchuck Glass School where he worked on Kiln Casting, Mold Making, and Glass Fusing. Steven Addi also studied at Eugene Glass School and Haystack Craft School where he studied and practiced blacksmithing. Recently Addi has been written up in Reno Magazine, Ponds Magazine, and Nevada Homes spreading the word about his steel artwork. Addi is currently working on an innovative glass recycling process and recently formed the Green Art Project.
Exhibits and Shows: Masters in Glass, A- Gallery, Dale Chihuly and Steven Addi at Elisabeth-Doyle Gallery,  Arger- Martucci Vineyard, Pilchuck Glass School Auction, Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art,  Artist's Haven Gallery, Sierra Arts Foundation, Hager Collection, City of Reno Downtown Art Projects, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada  Sierra Arts Foundation, Reno, The Factory Maui, Higgins Harte International.

Publications and Media: Home and Garden Television, Nevada Home Magazine, Reno Magazine, Ponds Magazine, Reno Gazette Journal, Art Business News, Art and Antiques Magazine, to name a few.
Artist Statement: “In the glass or steel mediums, I like to randomly place a variety of shapes and colors together creating a composition that I view through my eyes as balanced and complete. I work to find balance design in random fluid motion of the abstract. It is like seeing a union between abstract and geometric perfection”.

“I see art as a way to of tapping into a higher consciousness, as man is the only earthly being who creates as a way to communicate and express. Promoting this mindset has been a goal most of my life. Humans have lived on Earth for a period of time on our  5 billion year old planet. Our legacy will be our libraries and our art that survive the sands of time. I admire the solid longevity of steel as well as the fragility of glass. These two mediums are so contrasting yet can come together with such strength and elegance. I always look for new and innovative ways of merging these two mediums of artwork together”.

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